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Quiet the mind and the Soul Will Speak

Soulwork is the core need for every path and every pursuit.

Reiki is love,

Love is wholeness,

Wholeness is balance,

Balance is well being,

Well being is freedom of disease

-Dr. Mikao Usui

Energy is Everything

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."

-Albert Einstein

reiki master, energy healer, psychic medium & channeler
reiki master, energy healer, psychic medium & channeler

Budgie Girl Jess

Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Psychic Medium & channeler


With Reiki energy healing, I will tap into the universal life force energy and combine it with your intentions in order to assist in your healing process.

Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive technique that promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and balance on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. By channeling this life force energy, I will work to remove any blockages or imbalances within your energetic system, allowing the natural flow of energy to restore and revitalize your body and mind. This powerful healing modality can address a wide range of concerns, from physical ailments to emotional traumas, promoting overall well-being and enhancing your body's natural ability to heal itself.

Together, we will harness the power of intention and universal energy to support your healing journey.


To channel is to establish a strong connection between oneself and a source of wisdom. By tapping into this connection, I can provide you with guidance and insights from your higher self, particularly during perplexing times when clarity seems elusive.

Through this channeling, I can offer you the guidance and direction needed to navigate your life path with more ease and assurance. Whether you are struggling with important decisions or seeking a clearer understanding of your purpose, I am here to provide the clarity and support you require.

Together, we can uncover the wisdom and guidance that lies within you, empowering you to move forward on your journey with confidence.